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File:Grand Tronc 360 rue McGill Montreal.jpg|thumb|255px|Grand Trunk Head Office built in 1900 The '''Grand Trunk Railway''' was a Rail transport|railway system that operated in the Canada|Canadian provinces of Quebec and Ontario, and in the United States|American states of Connecticut, Maine, Michigan, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont.For pictures of the Grand Trunk in New England, see Hastings, Philip R. "Grand Trunk Heritage" (1987, Carstens Publications). The railway was operated from headquarters in Montreal, Quebec, with corporate headquarters in London, England (4 Warwick House Street). The Grand Trunk, its subsidiaries, and the Canadian Government Railways were precursors of today's Canadian National Railways. GTR's main line ran from Portland, Maine to Montreal, and then from Montreal to Sarnia, Ontario, where it...
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